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About Sim balance

Made in the U.S.A

The SimBalance System is patented (US Pat. No. 9,937,092) for BPPV use.

The SimBalance pillows are a science-based, ground-breaking system that helps BPPV sufferers rid of their life debilitating dizziness symptoms while they sleep—no more difficult and nauseatingl head-maneuvering exercises of uncertain outcome.

  • 100% of our survey respondents who have used the SimBalance system for more than one month were satisfied with the pillow system for mitigating BPPV symptoms.
  • Buy with confidence!
  • Free shipping to anywhere in the continental US!
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Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

If you have arrived on this page, you likely suffer from Benign Paroxysmal
Positional Vertigo (BPPV) with motion-induced dizziness symptoms.

Otoliths, or “ear-rocks”, are small calcium deposits found in the vestibular system of the inner ear. They serve the important function of stimulating nerve cells to send signals to the brain, part of the overall balance process. In some individuals, the ear rocks may get loose from time to time and fall out of their rightful place in the utricle, part of the vestibular system.
When the ear rocks fall into the three semicircular canals, which form another major component of the vestibular system for balance, the signals going to the brain are jumbled. This results in a sensation of dizziness whenever the head moves.

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SimBalance Innovations

The Simbalance Approach.

Trying to do self-administered BPPV head maneuver exercises at home, or worse, at the work place, is daunting – especially when one is already dizzy. It is a large commitment to invest the time, effort, and determination to put up with the intrusion and discomfort caused by the exercises.
Although the BPPV exercises take up a significant amount of time, success is far from guaranteed. The SimBalance pillow system has been developed to simulate these exercises while the patient is sleeping at night, potentially saving hours of frustration.

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Our Testimonials

Malaysian citizen and the world praise to god of introducing SimBalance system pillow. I haji mohd shafie bin haji abu hassan from Malaysia 63 year was diagnosis by ENT and neurologist specialist pantai hospital Kuala Lumpur of having bppv vertigo in the year 2016. i came across the SimBalance system pillow through the website after much consideration i purchase the pillow set in 2016…ironically enough with this pillow it reduces my bppv vertigo to almost 99%…bear in mind as I experience it vertigo do exist and never goes away, but the existing almost 1 % with my age 63 is the god gift and is slight pain in the neck for me. i made sure that while sleeping i do not turn my neck to the left….by doing so it will minimize the bppv vertigo…thank SimBalance pillow staff for the advice of lengthen the life usage of the pillow…may god bless us all…stay at home .due to these covid – 19.

Haji Mohd Shafie bin Haji Abu Hassan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, user since 2016

“I am looking forward to receiving my “new” SimBalance System. My daughter purchased my first system 2 years ago. I have not missed one night not using it-even take it on vacations. It has been my answer to peaceful sleep with no dizziness-thank you very very much for designing & making this available to vertigo sufferers. It gives me a much better quality life-lying down to rest is dizzy free. Thank you again for this wonderful life changing system.”

– Geraldine W., New Market, AL

“Thank you very much for the SimBalance Pillows. They work so wonderfully well and have greatly improved the quality of my life. I have recommended them to a friend with the same positional vertigo condition.” …

Honorable Thaddeus Kirkland, Mayor of Chester, Pennsylvania

“I love it, it’s just what I’ve been looking for” . F.C.’s husband, Beverly, MAF.C. ‘s husband is the user of the SimBalance system purchased by F. C. The customer mentioned having tried many different types of pillows in the past for his vertigo because it’s what was suggested to help his vertigo but none helped him. He is very pleased with the system and happy to have finally found relief with his on-going vertigo.

F.C.’s husband, Beverly, MA

“The SimBalance system can be compared a fire extinguisher – something anyone with vertigo should keep on hand even if you’re not dizzy at the moment. “ D. L., Deer Park, NY
D. L. said that using and having the pillow system readily available made her feel empowered to help herself deal with her vertigo & gave her a confidence that she could handle any vertigo episodes that might come in the future. She also mentioned that she was a figure skater and how important it was for her to know that she could manage her vertigo.

D. L., Deer Park, NY


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