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User Survey 2017

Thank you to all the customers who responded to our users’ feedback survey earlier in 2017! Congrats to those who won in the Amazon gift card raffle! Once again, We were astounded and extremely pleased that 90% of the customers who responded and had used the SimBalance system for over one month had less severe, and in some cases, completely eliminated their BPPV symptoms. We will continue to share these results with the BPPV medical expert whose head maneuver exercises on which the SimBalance system was based.

The following are some notable comments from our surveyed customers:

-“Very soft and comfortable pillow but I still have symptoms every night but not as bad. Pillow is WAY too expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only purchased out of desperation because my vertigo was so bad.”- SimBalance is continually researching cost-efficient strategies and we will pass on the savings as soon as we have found them.  Every aspect of system is made and sourced in the USA.  By the way, don’t hesitate to contact us on tips to use the SimBalance pillows more effectively to further reduce your BPPV symptoms.

-“I think there could be a little more explanation included with the pillow set. I had to read it a number of times to figure out which was the “base” pillow and which was the “main” pillow. Also still not sure how to get the set into the pillow protector or how to attach the neck/shoulder extra piece.”- Simbalance has an instructional Youtube video as well as instructions on our web page. We are also working on a booklet to make the instruction more readable.

– “I do wish the pillow was easier to use I find I keep having to change the position of the pillow to get the right balance.” Thank you for your feedback!  It will help us find ways to improve the user’s experience.


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