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SimBalance Innovations

The Simbalance Approach.

Trying to do self-administered BPPV head maneuver exercises at home, or worse, at the work place, is daunting – especially when one is already dizzy. It is a large commitment to invest the time, effort, and determination to put up with the intrusion and discomfort caused by the exercises. Although the BPPV exercises take up a significant amount of time, success is far from guaranteed. The SimBalance pillow system has been developed to simulate these exercises while the patient is sleeping at night, potentially saving hours of frustration. Read More.

Using SimBalance Pillows.

The SimBalance pillow system is designed to tilt the head at a ~10-25 ⁰ angle while the user is sleeping on his/her regular bed. The system comprises three individual pillows, each with its own firmness, shape, and variable height. The combination of these three pillows provides optimal comfort for users, regardless of whether they sleep on the side or on the back. Each of the three units may also be used independently at the time when the user does not have BPPV symptoms and therefore does not require the use of the SimBalance system for BPPV exercises. Read More

Other Head-Up Sleep Benefits.

Many other ailments may also be benefited by sleeping with the head raised, or “head-up” sleeping. The SimBalance pillow system may be useful for those users looking for flexible, comfortable pillows with features specifically designed to give the best support for the head, neck, shoulders and back while elevating the head during sleep. Read More


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