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Users Survey 2015

Thank you to all the users who responded to our users’ feedback survey earlier in 2015!  We were astounded and extremely pleased that 100% of the users who responded and had used the SimBalance system for over one month had less severe, and in some cases, completely eliminated their BPPV symptoms. We have shared these results with the BPPV medical expert whose head maneuver exercises on which the SimBalance system was based.  Use of the SimBalance system under clinical supervision is in the works.  Stay tuned!

The following are some notable comments from our surveyed customers:

– “I do tend to slide off during the night. It seems hard to get the right angle so I be at a gentler incline. When I slide off that’s when the vertigo hits me. It also seems that the pillow is losing shape already” — The main unit pillow can be plumped back to close to its original shape pretty easily.

– This customer mentioned having tried many different types of pillows in the past for his vertigo because it’s what was suggested to help his vertigo but none helped him. He is very pleased with the System and happy to finally have relief from his ongoing vertigo.

-This customer compared the product to a fire extinguisher- something anyone with vertigo should keep on hand even if you’re not dizzy at the moment.

Here is the summary of the users’ feedback survey results:

% responses from surveyed users – 33%

% of users who have actually used the system: 28%


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